Monday, March 03, 2008

More on Office 2007

A correspondent of mine writes, "As you may have read in his review, Mossberg says:"

    If you'd like to get more out of Office, especially in the area of how your documents look, Office 2007 is a big step forward, and worth the steep learning curve it imposes. If you're happy with Office now, or you mostly create plain documents where formatting and design aren't high priorities, it may not be worth the effort to buy and learn the new version.

Two points that the Mossberg review leaves unsaid are:
  • Over time, everyone in the PC world is going to be forced into Office 2007. You can no longer buy the older versions, and you cannot move your older OEM version of Office to a new machine.
  • Most people are too busy to invest the time needed to learn Office 2007. Most companies are not going to spend the time and money to train people.
So, I still think Office 2007 sucks.

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