Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Top 4 Reasons Office 2007 Sucks

  1. The "Ribbons." This change provides no real benefit for those of us who were competent with prior versions of Office. Microsoft says, "This change greatly improves the user's ability to use and find features in the 2007 Office release." NOT!
  2. No "Classic View." How dare they not give us a way to avoid using the Ribbons?!
  3. "User education is required," Microsoft warns. We get lots of pissed-off calls from users in need of just-in-time help/answers. It's neither fun nor interesting.
  4. Windows Vista + Office 2007 = Death. If you need a new computer, our recommendation is to buy one with Windows XP-Pro, then load your earlier version of Office (2003 Retail version). If you do not have install media for an earlier version of Office, then get yourself a Mac.

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MarkyMark said...

If you need a new computer, you don't have to get a Mac that costs more. Just get a PC and DITCH Micro$uck altogether! You can get Linux (I run Ubuntu) with on it. If you're comfortable with classic MS Office UI (i.e. Office 2k3 and earlier), then you'll feel RIGHT AT HOME on OOo. Ditch Micro$uck Winblows already! Why you still using garbage software and paying a fortune to do so?