Sunday, March 30, 2008

FIOS Actiontec MI424WR mystery

The adventures with my FIOS Actiontec MI424-WR continue. A discussion with Verizon tech support ended with them saying they would check the router and get back to me. I haven't heard boo back from them. But for a while, my sense was that my internet access was more reliable. In hindsight, I think it was simply the placebo effect.

This weekend, the problem has been undeniable. On Friday night, the XBox Live! was going strong, and none of the other computers in the house could get to the internet or even ping the router.

I recalled having read about troubles like mine being caused by a small NAT routing table on the MI424WR. "When the NAT table is overflowed, you will get the "No IP for NAT - connections may fail" error logged in your MI424-WR's security log. During this time, you will unable to browse, ping, or connect to anything until you wait about 3 minutes." (

In my case, I am seeing errors in the security log like, "Blocked - NAT out failed. First packet in connection is not a SYN packet: TCP> on br0log." in my MI424-WR's security log. The error happens even if the firewall is set to Minimum. Also, I have port forwarding set up for XBox and Second Life. Most of the Blocked events are associated with the computer running Second Life. Coincidence?

I'll keep you posted as I try to resolve this mystery. See these other posts on this matter:


Gary A said...

I am getting the same SYN packet errors on my Actiontec router and I have a generic Verizon installation: 1-wired desktop PC & 1-wireless laptop PC, although for testing, the laptop is now running wired with the wireless radio turned off in the router. Sure would like to know what causes these errors!!

SnommElf said...

i've been dealing with serious outages from my actiontec MI424wr ever since mid-summer -- had to reset 3-4 times a day -- today i bought a fan at radio shack, spliced an adapter to it, and glued it to the top vent on the left side of the unit pushing air through the housing -- now it is smoking fast. i didn't realize the unit was overheating but that seems to have been the problem.

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