Sunday, March 16, 2008

How often should you blog?

  1. Once is too often for most blogs.
    • If nobody is reading it, is it actually a blog?
    • If you cannot write, that does not mean you cannot blog. However, text messaging would be better suited for your “talents” and might increase your “readership”.
    • You should be "old enough" to blog. Facebook and MySpace are better suited for the young.
  2. Photos and ads are to blogs what live music is to conversation. Titillation and adsense do not make you a philosopher of note.
    • Unless scandal is your stock-in-trade, less is more!
  3. Ask not, "How often should you blog?" Ask, instead:
    • "Do I have anything interesting to say?"
    • "Do I have any expertise in the matter?"
    • "Do I have a talent for writing a blog?"

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