Wednesday, August 19, 2009

JScript Compilation Error

After reformatting and a fresh reload of Windows XP-Pro on a pair of client machines, I started getting a JScript Compilation pop-up error message on both machines after installing Java, then navigating to web pages with Java content.

The fix is simple, but I had a hard time finding it on the web. Here it is:

Open the browser. Click on Tools on the Menu bar, and click on Internet Options on the drop-down menu. Click the Connections Tab in the pop-up window. Click the LAN Settings button. In the pop-up window, UNCHECK the box associated with Automatically Detect Settings. Finally, OK out of the open pop-ups.

That's it. The error stops popping up. This fix worked on both the client machines. FYI, one of them was a laptop and the other was a tower PC.

What's the problem? Who knows. It's probably an issue that Sun and Microsoft are squabbling about.