Thursday, August 30, 2007

T-Mobile Hotspot@Home

<rant>Reviews have been critical of T-Mobile for launching its Hotspot@Home service with only two phones to choose from; and, even worse, critics say, both phones are lacking sex-appeal.

Now, if you go to T-Mobile online to shop for a Hotspot@Home phone, you find that the Nokia phone is "Temporarily Out of Stock." Your only option is the Samsung. Is this any way to launch a new service!? Didn't their market research/testing tell them what the demand would be?

Next time, T-Mobile, ask yourselves, "What would Steve (Jobs) do?"</rant>

Good news for current T-Mobile customers like me who want to "upgrade" to the Nokia Hotspot@Home phone. You can do it online, after you login using your T-Mobile phone number and password. Apparently the "Out of Stock" situation applies only to new customers.

I'm hoping they have a stash of these phones that they are rationing to their existing customers. Although, if I ask myself, "What would T-Mobile do?" I have to expect that they are going to charge my credit card and then come back and tell me the phone is back-ordered. "We'll ship it to you just as soon as it comes in." ...

I'll let you know what happens.

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