Wednesday, September 05, 2007

T-Mobile delivers a surprise.

In a recent post, I pointed out that T-Mobile says on its web site that the Nokia 6086 hotspot@home phone is "Temporarily Out of Stock." At the same time, existing customers can login and order the phone from T-Mobile as an upgrade.

In my post, I speculated that perhaps T-Mobile had a stash of these phones which they were rationing to their existing customers. But then I asked myself, "What would T-Mobile do?" And I concluded that they probably were going to take my money and tell me to get in line. They'd fill the order at some distant future date.

After placing the order late last week, I got a text message from T-Mobile on my old phone, acknowledging the order/upgrade. A good sign, but no shipping info. Over the weekend, I tried to track a shipment as per T-Mobile's generic instructions (UPS tracking code = phone number), but UPS had no data. Not a good sign.

Then, on Tuesday, following the Labor Day holiday, the UPS truck pulls up and delivers the Nokia 6086 phone to me. Five minutes later, I'm on my new phone, calling T-Mobile to upgrade my service to hotspot@home. Five minutes after that, I'm on my wireless network making and receiving calls. VERY SWEET!

So, for now, I regret the aspersions I cast towards T-Mobile. I am a satisfied customer.

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