Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Toot, toot!

A client in Falls Church writes, "John, I heard you on WMAL radio this morning. Congratulations! May I have your autograph the next time you stop by? - Ralph."

Yes, I was interviewed by a radio station about the consumer release of Microsoft Vista. Yesterday, they ran various snippets of my remarks over the course of the morning, during their local news segments. Needless to say, my comments were insightful.

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John Redmond said...

Dick from DC did not hear my interview on the radio, and he writes, "So, what do you think of Vista?"

Dick, my short answer is, "It depends." For example, you shouldn't try to upgrade your current PC to Vista. Your next PC will come with Vista (or its successor). I wouldn't scrap a PC that you are happy with just to get Vista either. The "improvements" are either cosmetic or arcane.