Thursday, January 12, 2012

CES 2012 Impressions

Thumbs down on Smart TVs. Why do I want to buy a television with a computer inside. It will be obsolete in 24 months.

Why the buzz about Ultrabooks?  "Ultra portable" laptops you been around for years. This is another case of marketing over substance.

4K displays caught my attention. These are the next generation after hdtv.  Sharp and Sony had them at CES. 

4K refers to the number of pixels along the diagonal of the screen image.  Current hdtv provides up to 1080 pixels along the horizontal. But much of the hdtv content that is currently available is only 720 pixels wide.

Today, 4K displays cost $25,000 or more.  And there is no content available at 4K resolutions now or for the foreseeable future.  FYI, 8K displays are down the road.

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