Wednesday, August 19, 2009

JScript Compilation Error

After reformatting and a fresh reload of Windows XP-Pro on a pair of client machines, I started getting a JScript Compilation pop-up error message on both machines after installing Java, then navigating to web pages with Java content.

The fix is simple, but I had a hard time finding it on the web. Here it is:

Open the browser. Click on Tools on the Menu bar, and click on Internet Options on the drop-down menu. Click the Connections Tab in the pop-up window. Click the LAN Settings button. In the pop-up window, UNCHECK the box associated with Automatically Detect Settings. Finally, OK out of the open pop-ups.

That's it. The error stops popping up. This fix worked on both the client machines. FYI, one of them was a laptop and the other was a tower PC.

What's the problem? Who knows. It's probably an issue that Sun and Microsoft are squabbling about.


KAlexaLott said...

I am having this same problem after downloading Open Office so that my husband could access some spreadsheets.

However, I don't have that box checked in my LAN settings. Ironically, it isn't happening when I am on the internet visiting websites, it happens when I try to open various progams on my computer, in particular, add and remove programs. I was trying to download a program my daughter had installed and got the error message, Microsoft JScript Compilation Error: Expected and this weird little symbol next to it. Any thoughts?

John Redmond said...

Here's what I'd do. Use system restore to get rid of the error. That will also get rid of Open Office and any other apps you added since then.
In the future, use Google Docs or other cloud application to access spreadsheets, et al.
Good luck!