Monday, February 16, 2009


"I also wanted to say thank you for all the great work you did during our move. Folks have commented to me that [disruption to] the offsite access to their e-mail and the ftp site was so minimal they barely noticed it was down at all. Also the hook up of the pc’s in the new office was fantastic. I think everyone was surprised to come in Monday morning and be able to get right to work. So, thank you very much – it was a job extremely well done from start to finish."

Pam Sarlouis
Mangi Environmental Group

"This is all Greek to me...that's why we have you. I am so grateful to you for your service and advice. My life is much more pleasant since we found you, believe me!"

Ralph Perrino, PhD
Northern Virginia Tutoring Service

Not every job has a happy outcome and a satisfied client. Still, some of our best work is done in things go awry, when the client is breathing down our necks and asking, incredulously, "Do you know what you are doing?" Yes, even though the client's confidence in us is shaken.

At the outset of our relationship with Northern Virginia Tutoring Service, I drilled through a wall to run network cable from here to there. When I pulled the drill bit out of the wall, there was a knot of twisted, broken wires that was the trunk line of the office phone system. A simple job turned into an urgent problem, outside our normal purview (phones, not computers).

Ralph Perrino was very cool. He would have been fully entitled to throw me out of the office and/or yell at me. Instead, he allowed me to clean up the mess I made. That was not my proudest moment, but I am proud of the relationship forged in that adversity.

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