Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bah, humbug!

In the past I have posted to this blog suggestions for anyone planning on gifting me during the holiday season. This year my expectations have been reduced, and my gift suggestions have been reduced to one - cash.

So to fill out my Christmas gift blog posting this year, here is a cranky list of the 5-worst technical innovations and gadgets on the market. Avoid these items and technologies in your giving and/or receiving.

5 - Cellphone cameras. Useless.
4 - Twitter, Digg, Facebook, et al. Passing fancies of the Web generation.
3 - Text messaging. Difficult and expensive.
2 - BlackBerry. Not busy enough? Get a BlackBerry! Keep on top of that SPAM!
1 - Microsoft Vista and Office 2007. Get Office XP Pro and a retail copy of Office 2003 from somewhere.

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