Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cloud Nine

A couple of months ago, I started using a diskless, thin-client computer as my principal work machine, expecting to interface primarily with applications and data hosted on a muscular Windows 2003 Server machine that I administer.

However, following the lead of one of my clients, I decided to try using Google Apps. I migrated my email to Gmail, and I started using Google Documents instead of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I've since switched Keystone's email host to Google, and we are sharing Calendars and Contacts via Google -- collaborating.

The combination of a thin-client and Google Apps has put me on Cloud Nine. The hardware is cheap, the soft ware is free, there is loads of storage, secure (?) in cyberspace, and it is all accessible from anywhere and at any time. There is hardly anything work-wise that I cannot do on my diskless thin client. And many things I cannot do are most likely not work-related.

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