Monday, October 22, 2007

What's Cool About Virtualization

What's all the buzz about virtualization and VMware?
  • By consolidating servers, many of VMware's 20,000 customers have managed to cut IT costs by 50% or more and increase utilization, productivity and efficiency.
    • That should make the finance boys and girls happy.
But here's what I think is cool about virtualization:
  • The "computer" will cease to exist. The network will be the computer. And it will be a much bigger and more powerful machine than I could every afford.
    • Sun Microsystems was right! -- if only a 10 years too early.

  • Forget the "Triple Play" - telephone, Internet and Cable TV - that companies are offering now. Virtualization will provide a "Home-Run" (that's a four-bagger: communication, automation, entertainment and security) to make it seem like we are all living at the Jetson's Sky Pad Apartments.
    • Virtual reality, artificial intelligence and lots of bandwidth under the hood.

  • Many "computer problems" today are the result of user errors. Take the computers away and life will be swell for users (AKA everyone).
    • A small number of IT pros (real and virual) will keep everything on the holodeck running smoothly.
Let me know what you think is cool about virtualization. Leave me a comment.

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John Redmond said...

And another thing...
This is going to break Microsoft's monopoly on the PC since there won't be a PC!